Why Are You STILL Dating That Dingle Bag Guy?

When you are a single women, it can be tough, especially if you’re mentally and emotionally single… and still with some Dingle Bag Guy. Yeah, you either still sleep together as “Bed Buddies” or you live together for financial reasoning only.

unhappygirl-largeWhen friends look at this couple from the outside, we all can clearly see it’s a dead end.

Or it’s one of these guys….

The last straw with this guy was how many “I’m sorrys” ago?


Sorry only works, when integrated with actual consistent CHANGE in ACTIONS and results from the improved behavior in your man.  And better feelings inside you.

He doesn’t even deserve burnt toast, and yet you give your time and love to this tool.  Let’ talk for real okay?  Yes?

Get up! And by that I mean, actually stand up. Up.

Now, who do you really want as your man standing in front of you? Close your eyes and picture him there.  Do you see him?

Are you currently dating and/or living together?

  • Yes, great, keep feeling that reality inside of your mind.  Is it realistic, even remotely possible this is your true prince, who in the end will actually be a human being with flaws you can trust?
  • If no, then you got mental garbage in the way.  Clean it out.  Find ways to get centered and “Clear-Minded” about yourself and your man.  Find people who are better at dating and relationships than you are and learn some things about men and women connecting in healthy ways.

If you are hanging in there with a total (fill in disliking words here), then please pause for moment.  Is he really who you want to be with? “Sort of.”

Then, when men aren’t satisfying you and their needs simultaneously on many levels, you’ll want to change your ways a bit.  Adjust your behavior.

Think of it like you’re a bee.  If you keep going to dying plants for Nectar Collection, you’d get no honey.

You’ll need to find a new way to fly and find better living flowers with healthy nectar.

Random Thoughts to Spark Your Love

So, what man do you watch out for?  The one you see inside your mind and heart.

Start watching how you respond with each guy you know a little more closely.  Attempt to increase your awareness by 20% more.

Leaving a dingle bag can be hard for some of you.  It’s part of the journey through love.

Remember, the other side is new choices with a guy who actually fits with you.


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