Fighting While Driving? Here’s What You Should Do

content_fighting-while-drivWhat to do when your boyfriend or girlfriend fight or argue?

First, take a number of breaths and calm down. Seriously, stop talking, or shouting will just get worse as you both prove how right you are.

Waste of time.

Our “Reptilian Brain” emotionalizes issues much higher than they may actually be at.

Driving together can be one of those times.  “He or she keeps telling me how to drive.”

Then, consider adjusting your driving 20% in the direction they’ve suggested.  Or adjust the amount of side seat driving you are doing by 20%.  Stop talking 1 out of 5 times.  Give the person a brake.

They’ve been driving this way their whole lives.

You think your 3-10 sentences of brilliant road skill is going to suddenly change them?  Foolish thinking.

Many “Car Fights” flair up when one person feels unsafe.

All you have to do, is adjust, so the person can feel heard.

Modern women can struggle with this the most due to the fact that so many of you are leaders in your business lives.  Then, it’s hard for you to back off that masculine driving, figuratively and literally, in your personal life.

Closing Thought For Them: Where do you push people in your personal life?  Do you notice people pulling away?  If you’re still single, and people pull away, you have something to work on.

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