Gabriel_DiCristofaroRaised by his unwed mother, Gabriel Dicristofaro developed empathy at an early age for the plight of the single woman. As his mother moved around, in search of a better home, better job or better man, Gabriel was uprooted repeatedly – attending 14 different schools by the time he finished high school.

Pulled away from friends almost as soon as he made them, Gabriel became cautious and shy. But he didn’t withdraw into himself entirely. Instead, he observed how others spoke to each other, showed interest in each other, and developed relationships.

As a young adult, finally in control of his own life, Gabriel moved to Los Angeles. While working part-time as an actor, Gabriel also studied marketing, psychology and sociology, finding that each topic was vital to the other. Each topic also underscored his interest in the skill and science of human interaction – how words and actions could cause social shifts.

In 2010, Gabriel started putting this knowledge to work for others — teaching single women how to present themselves, flirt, meet better men, and plant the seeds that could lead to more successful relationships. He has had over 300 students since then, leading fun and instructive workshops in California and Colorado.

He’s a TEDx Relationship speaker where he spoke on breaking boundaries and social dynamics.

Former instructor at Colorado Free University where he taught how to overcome shyness.

Gabriel co-authored a book with Bob Proctor (famous for “The Secret”) called “The Dream Machine”.

Interviewed by FOX NEWS on how to find Mr. Right.